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Avonlea Community Guidelines

Strata Property Act (British Columbia)
Owners of strata units in British Columbia are subject to the provisions of the Strata Property Act (British Columbia). The Strata Property Act deems the owners to be members of a strata corporation, which owns and is responsible for all of the common property and limited common property of the development. Essentially this means that the strata corporation owns and is responsible for all property located on the outside of strata units, while owners own and remain responsible for the inside of their respective units.
The Strata Property Act contains a comprehensive set of bylaws which are to be enforced by the strata corporation and which provide for the control, management, administration, use and enjoyment of the strata units and common property, common facilities and other assets of the strata corporation. These bylaws remain in place until they have been altered or repealed by the owners. In the case of Avonlea, separate bylaws have been passed to add to those bylaws contained in the Strata Property Act to reflect particular concerns of the owners of Avonlea. A copy of some of the more relevant bylaws is found under the legal tab of the website. You are encouraged to review these bylaws carefully.
Role of Council
Also contained within the Strata Property Act is a requirement for a strata council to be appointed to exercise and perform the powers and duties of the strata corporation. Members of a strata council are made up of owners within a development.

A list of the current Avonlea strata council members as well as their respective phone numbers is found with the contact section of the website. Council members are elected each year at the annual general meeting of owners of Avonlea (usually held in February).

Council meetings are typically every two months. All owners are welcome to attend. Council minutes are posted in the legal section of the Avonlea Strata Website.
Role of Property Manager
Strata councils tend to either self-manage the day-to-day affairs of the strata corporation or delegate a large portion of this responsibility to a professional property management company. The Avonlea strata council has chosen this latter approach owing to the time commitment involved.

The Property Manager is expected to perform numerous responsibilities on behalf of Avonlea, including co-ordinating repairs to units, paying suppliers and service providers, collecting maintenance fees, sending out violation warnings to owners and preparing minutes of meeting for strata council meetings and annual general meetings.

Please refer to the contact us page for current information regarding the Property Manager for Avonlea.
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