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Report a bylaw infraction

Please be advised that correspondence sent to the property management company (including this online form and emails), are brought to the next council meeting. A response will then be provided within 5 business days after the meeting or may be reflected in the meeting minutes.

Part A: Information – About You
We require your full name and contact details in order to investigate potential bylaw infractions. We are not able to act on anonymous reports.
First Name:  
Last Name:  
Unit Number:  
Part B: Your Complaint
Details of Your Complaint:
Part C: Additional Fields Required for Parking Violations:

If your complaint is regarding a parking violation we require the vehicle make, model, colour, plate number, vehicle photo, the time when the infraction was first noticed and the time of expiry for when the vehicle exceeded the allowed parking period of ten (10) minutes. We are not able to act on reported parking violations unless all the fields below are completed in full.

Vehicle Make:  
Plate Number:  
Photo Upload:  
Time Noticed:  
Time Expired:  

Please enter the following security code in the next field. You may enter upper or lower case characters.

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